About JHMA

The JHMA is a social network for families where one or both members are residents or fellows at JHH. Our goal is to provide support to physician families as they navigate various milestones of medical-training life in Baltimore.

About Us

We are physicians, nurses, attorneys, consultants, project managers, stay-at-home parents, designers, students, educators, researchers, and the list goes on…, but we all share the common bond of managing medical careers, medical marriages, medical families and the unique challenges that we face in this environment.​

The Johns Hopkins Medical Auxiliary (JHMA) was founded in 1999 to provide a social network of support and services to the spouses and significant others of medical students, residents, and fellows at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. We’re a nurturing community for women, men, and their families.

Board Members

Mary Solomon

Mary Solomon - President


Devon Leibee - Membership Coordinator

Hannah Simons

Hannah Simons - Social Chair

Bianca Ligon

Bianca Ligon - Social Chair

Kate Glover

Katie Glover - Social Chair

Sarah Branigan

Sarah Branigan - Social Chair

Morgan Kolarich

Morgan Kolarich - Treasurer