Who Can Join the JHMA?

Eligible members include spouses and significant others of medical students, residents, or fellows of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Annual dues are $35 for spouses of medical students, residents, and fellows and $45 for returning spouses of junior faculty within the first five years of completing training. $55 for alumni members. Membership benefits include the newsletter, the JHMA listserv, the Membership Directory, and invitations to all events.

You can select pay offline and pay directly through Paypal at paypal.me/KatherineSayers



"I didn't know a soul when we first moved to Baltimore, but all that changed as soon as I joined the JHMA. I immediately got plugged into a network of supportive, caring friends ‒ along with activities for myself and the whole family. Getting involved in the JHMA has made all the difference in our Baltimore experience!" -- Jennifer

"The JHMA has been a huge support group, resource, and friend base that has helped me tremendously with adjusting to a new city. I love that if you have a question, you can ask any member or post it on the listserv and you'll get lots of answers/advice. Also, there are so many activities that I would've never discovered on my own, and so many different groups you can join...the list goes on and on! I am very thankful for this wonderful group!" -- Aureanne “I thought starting off again in a new city was going to be hard. How do you meet people who are also relatively new, have the same interests and are in the same situation with a spouse working long, irregular hours? The JHMA made the transition so easy. I made many new friends seemingly overnight, I felt incredibly welcomed, and I had plenty of great activities on my calendar. The JHMA took all the stress out of moving to a new city. It's so nice to be a part of a group where everyone is in the same boat.” -- Hilary



Questions about membership? Email our membership coordinator.

Questions about payment? Email our treasurer.